9 February: Enhanced Device Sync

Version 2024.1.0 (introducing a new versioning format)

✨ New

You can now set a "Simultaneous Synchronization Limit" directly from the system Settings for the Presentation app. This allows for customized control over how many devices can sync at once, optimizing performance for those hefty document loads and extensive device setups.
Adjust the limit in the Settings to tailor the app's performance to your needs.

➕ Improved

We've refined our synchronization process to handle multiple devices more efficiently, ensuring smoother operations for users managing large amounts of data. Additionally, our reconnection algorithm has been enhanced to boost stability and reduce disruptions, keeping you connected and in sync.

🔧 Fixed

Stability is key, so we've tackled several bugs and made adjustments under the hood to enhance the reliability of our app. Expect a more consistent and crash-free experience, designed to support your productivity seamlessly.
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