07 August: Support for running on Apple Silicon Mac

Version 1.11.0

✨ New

Great news! Our entire Presentation Room app is now optimized to run smoothly on all modern Macs with Apple Silicon. We heard your feedback: some of you want to use your powerful new Macs to handle the Organizer role in meetings. Now, you can do exactly that.

You can download the Presentation Room directly from the Mac App Store. Run the Organizer right on your Apple Silicon Mac, freeing up an extra iPad for attendees and simplifying your network setup. It's all about making your meetings more efficient and straightforward.

Thank you for pushing us to keep moving forward 🙏

➕ Improved

We're constantly striving to enhance your experience with the Presentation Room. Our team fine-tuned the look and feel of the app, ensuring a more modern, visually pleasing interface. It's not just about looking good; we've also focused on improving the user experience. The updated layout is intuitive, reducing the learning curve and making it easier to get things done. Whether you're an Organizer or an Attendee, the sleek new design aims to make your meetings even more efficient and enjoyable. We're sure you'll find the changes both fancy and functional!

🔧 Fixed

  • We've addressed the issue where changing the presentation server address caused connection problems. Now you can switch servers without a hitch.

  • Fixed the scaling and margin issues for PDFs on different iPad sizes, ensuring your documents always look their best.

  • Resolved the bug affecting the current group selection feature, making it easier for you to manage your meeting sessions.

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