31 August: Join Session by QR Code

Version 1.12.0

✨ New

We know that sometimes enterprise-level networks don't play nicely with Bonjour, the protocol we use under the hood for seamless connections between organizers and attendees. In such rare but crucial instances where Bonjour might be restricted or have compatibility issues, we've introduced a Plan B for you: QR Code Joining.

Now, as an Organizer, you can display a QR code that attendees can scan to join the presentation session directly. Even better, if you're using AirPlay to project your iPad screen to a larger display, the QR code will be displayed there too, making it ultra-convenient for everyone in the room to connect. No more fumbling with network settings or manually entering meeting codes — just a simple scan and you're in, ensuring your meeting runs as smoothly as possible.

➕ Improved

We've listened to your feedback and understand that sometimes you have ideas or spot little bugs that you'd like to share with us. To make this process even easier for you, we've added a new Feedback section right within the Settings. Now, a simple tap is all it takes to send us an email with your thoughts or issues. Your input helps us make the app better for everyone!

🔧 Fixed

  • Resolved an issue with white text buttons in the polls action screens, improving visibility and user experience.

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